Category Size Occupancy Rental per Month in Euro as of 01.09.2017 New from 01.09.2019 in Euro
Doubleroom, communal kitchen aprox.21m² two beds-roomsharing 285,-€ 298,-€
Doubleroom, communal kitchen aprox.23m² two beds-roomsharing 300,-€ 315,-€
Doubleroom, kitchenette aprox.26m² two beds-roomsharing 310,-€ 320,-€
Doubleroom, kitchenette and balcony aprox.26m² two beds-roomsharing 325,-€ 335,-€
Singleroom, communal kitchen aprox.16m² one bed-single 385,-€ 405,-€
Singleroom, communal kitchen aprox.18m² one bed-single 395,-€ 415,-€
Singleroom, kitchenette aprox.19m² one bed-single 425,-€ 445,-€
Singleroom, kitchenette and balcony aprox.19m² one bed-single 450,-€ 470,-€
Singleroom, kitchenette, attic aprox.19m² one bed-single 450,-€ 470,-€
Singleroom, communal kitchen aprox.25m² one bed-single 480,-€ 500,-€


Price in Euro, per month and per person,

including taxes and running costs ( water, electricity and heating)

Our all inclusive service:


Furnished room with fridge and safe !

TV-port incl. GIS tax (= austrian tv tax) !

High-speed internet access  !

WIFI hotspots !

Bicycle storage room !

Tecnical support !

Housing office and key pick-up in our house !

 Reception open 24 hours every day !


Communal space: Music room, Classroom, WIFI Hotspot, Courtyard, Terrace !


Price valid as of  April 2017