Category Size Occupancy Rental per Month in Euro as of 01.09.2019 in Euro  
Doubleroom, communal kitchen aprox.21m² two beds-roomsharing 298,-€  
Doubleroom, communal kitchen aprox.23m² two beds-roomsharing 315,-€  
Doubleroom, kitchenette aprox.26m² two beds-roomsharing 320,-€  
Doubleroom, kitchenette and balcony aprox.26m² two beds-roomsharing 335,-€  
Singleroom, communal kitchen aprox.16m² one bed-single 405,-€  
Singleroom, communal kitchen aprox.18m² one bed-single 415,-€  
Singleroom, kitchenette aprox.19m² one bed-single 445,-€  
Singleroom, kitchenette and balcony aprox.19m² one bed-single 470,-€  
Singleroom, kitchenette, attic aprox.19m² one bed-single 470,-€  

Doublerooms are also available for single use. Price depends on the category.
Please send an inquiry so we can check the availability and the price.


Price in Euro, per month and per Person, including taxes and running costs (water, electricity and heating)


Our all inclusive Service:

Furnished room with fridge and safe

TV-port incl. GIS tax (= austrian tv tax)

High-speed internet access  

WIFI in the room

Bicycle storage room

Tecnical support

Housing office and key pick-up in our house

Reception open 24 hours every day

Communal space: Music room, Classroom, WIFI Hotspot, Courtyard, Terrace

Price valid as of 01. September 2019