Kolpingfamilie Wien-Zentral (ZVR-Zahl 020457353), A-1060 Wien, Gumpendorfer Straße 39, Telefon +43 1 587 56 31-0. Fax +43 1 5863630. 

ZVR = ZentralesVereinsRegister. Das ist jene Zahl, unter der unser Verein in diesem Register geführt wird.

Chair of the Kolping Family: Mag. Rainer Kinast

Membes of the Executive Board: Rainer Kinast, Renate Draskovits, Peter Fürst, Karl Fahringer, Felicitas Swoboda, Florian Michaeler

Chairman of the Board of Management: Franz Thür

Members of the Board of Management: Franz Thür, Rainer Kinast, Peter Fürst, Eva Weibold, Ernst Melber


The Kolpinghaus Wien-Zentral Betriebsges.m.b.H., the business organisation:

At its Annual General Meeting on 25 January 2006, the Kolping Family Vienna-Central decided to found a non-profit limited liability company to operate its Kolping House, following a proposal by the Board of Directors. This proposal, submitted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prof. Wolfgang Ortner, was unanimously approved by the General Meeting.  The Chairman of the Board of Directors justified his motion, among other things, with the efficient management of the business, the establishment of clear structures regarding responsibilities, a standardised order structure and, ultimately, with the relief of the future Chairman (see minutes of the AGM of 25 January 2006, p. 4; point 7).

In the list of shareholders dated 1 February 2006, the association Kolpingsfamilie Wien-Zentral is shown as the sole shareholder. In the list of managing directors dated 1 February 2006, Harald Fasching is appointed as managing director by the sole shareholder.

The company "Kolpinghaus Wien-Zentral Betriebsges.m.b.H." in the legal form of a "limited liability company" is entered in the company register of the Republic of Austria on 16 February 2006 under company register no. FN 274782 t. The formation of the company was announced in the official gazette of the Wiener Zeitung on 28 March 2006, p. 34.



Mag. Harald Fasching

Managing Director , Tel. +43 1 587 56 31 120


Sandro Griedl

Hotelmanager ,  +43 1 587 56 31 116

Ideas & thoughts that guide us in our work at the GmbH
guide and accompany us:

We find success through dialogue! In contact with our guests and customers, it is our aim to organise our offers and services in such a way that both sides are satisfied.
We offer a wide range of options in our core business of accommodation.
We organise ourselves and leave some things to chance! We design our organisation and our processes in such a way that detours and aberrations - unless they are necessary for development - are eliminated. Task, competence and responsibility are where the greatest possible expertise and practical relevance are given.
Successful, joint steps strengthen trust! Medium and long-term relationships built on trust with our business partners are important to us. Trust is not a God-given thing, but is created through small, successful steps taken together.
Humanity and profitability in balance!  We have to pay attention to profitability, which is essential for our long-term survival and growth. We do not see productivity and humanity as mutually exclusive basic principles, but as mutually dependent principles that make sustainable success possible in the first place.
We act freely, but not arbitrarily! By this we do not mean the freedom to do whatever we like, but the freedom to decide in favour of what is right.

Chaotic action is preferable to orderly non-action.
Disruptions are important information for us! That's why we try to utilise it! We see good and bad news as a source of renewal and development. Quality results from vigilance and institutionalised feedback loops.
We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but we are prepared! So we work on creating visions and versions of the future. We don't yet know which one will materialise, but we are helping to shape it as far as we can. We prepare ourselves for possibilities without relying on the realisation of a particular development.
We act on the basis of Christian social teaching! The principles of solidarity, personality, subsidiarity and the common good guide us in our strategic and everyday actions.
These ideas and thoughts were compiled and partly formulated by Harald Fasching, Managing Director of the GmbH, and harmonised with the employees of the GmbH.