The developement of our house

Historical black-and-white photographies show views of the Kolping House. Unfortunately there are no information about the date of origin of these photographies except for one, on which we found the year 1927. Probably these photos were taken in 1927. If anyone remeber more precisely and is still alive so we ask for the announcement of more precise data.

1852 – exactely on May 3, Whit Monday in the afternoon: „ First meeting for the purpose of a Catholic journeymen association in Vienna. Meeting place: School building next to the parish church Gumpendorf.“ Following the appeal of Kolping 39 journeymen enroll as the first regular memebers. On June 13, 1852 this association already counted 250 members – Hats off!

1863 – it was on April 12 at half past eight in the evening. „ Attention please! The Emperor will pop in!“ His Majesty Emperor Franz Josef surprised the journeymen association with his visit. He spent about one hour in affable conversations … wrote his name into the book of remembrance; this signature can be still admired today.

1871 – exactely on August 8 the inauguration of the new house in the Gumpendorferstraße 39 takes place. The inauguration is carried out by Cardinal Rauscher.

1938 – on March 12 SS men pentrate into the Kolpinghouse. On October 27 the journeymen association is prohibited in Austria.

1945 – During the night from April 8 to 9 our house is coccupied by Russians. April 12 the Russians are gone, the house is empty plundered in a large extent by the neighbours. In August Moroccans of the French Army are moving in our house. At the end of the same month the Moroccans are withdrawing.

Already in September 1945 the house is reopened. Young people are moving in again: invalids, refugees and some loyal sons of the Kolping association. The opening ceremony takes place in the presence of Cardinal Innitzer and Monsignor. Johann Schneider.

1954 – under praeses Gegenbauer the house in the Gumpendorferstraße 39 receives another floor, the fourth floor is realized.

1960’s – Now the façade is straightened out, the chapel is completely modernized whereby exposed concrete is now the measure of all things. Also the festivity hall is beeing revised whereby the hall retains its classical appearance.

1977 – The Julius-Raabe home that is still quite new is teared down. The classical chapel and the majestic festivity hall are falling victim to the pickaxe. The decision is taken to build House 2 which is opend in 1977.

1995 – Finally after laborious negotiations with inhabitants House 3 in the Stiegengasse 10 can be built and is ceremonially opend in 1997.

2005 – The Kolping Family Wien-Zentral decides to tear down the old house in the Gumpendorferstraße and also House 2. Now the Kolping Wien-Zentral has a restricted operation with 154 beds.

2007 – After two years of construction the Kolping Family Wien-Zentral takes over the new house. The façade was designed after a proposal of the artist Prof. Karl Korab. Exactly on July 1, 2007 the work is started in the Gumpendorferstraße. With the occupation of the new building the „old order“ is also restored: Kolping Wien-Zentral means Gumpendorfer Straße 39! There once again is the main entrance to the Kolpinghaus Wien-Zentral.