Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Vienna


The breakfast buffet at the Kolpinghaus Wien-Zentral is exceptionally well. Proof of this is provided by the numerous positive feedbacks, for which we want to thank all our guests.

So to start the day well nourished we pamper you in the time from 6:30 a.m to 10:00 a.m with a rich breakfast buffet with many high quality products from Austria.

If the weather is kind you have the possibility to enjoy your breakfast on our terrace in the courtyard.

Seven days a week in the morning the "bakery Felber" supplies us with crispy rolls and different kinds of organic brown bread. In addition to that we provide toast, gluten-free slices of bread (pre-packed) and on Sundays also plaited yeast bun.


It is unclear who is the inventor of the famous Viennese Kaiser rolls. In accordance with a story the baker with the name Kayser is to said who have invented the Kaiser rolls in 1750. In 1789 the Bakers’Guild made an appeal to the Emperor Joseph II. The Emperor was so impressed by the craftmanship of the bakers that henceforth the roll was called Kaiser roll. That is still the case today!

Everyday freshly prepared for you: a rich assortment of sliced cold meats and cheeses exclusively with high products from Austria, fried sausages and soft-boiled eggs from happy hens. On Sundays we also offer bacon. Pancakes and croissants are not offered every day but at least three times a week, who can resist that!

On our small but nice muesli buffet you can draw up your own delicious muesli just as the fancy takes you. Whether it will be a muesli with fruits or with chocolate with or without „Crunchy“ or even gluten-free, everybdoy gets his money worth – this is our motto.

You can refine your muesli with almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and also with raisins.

For a healthy digestion you can also refine your muesli with dried plums. Enjoy your meal!


Tea drinker will get their money worth!

Our extensive tea bar offers more than 10 different delicious types of tea of the brand SONNENTOR from the Waldviertel.

Besides the classics like ‚English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, China’s Feinster (black tea from China), there are also pure peppermint teas or just teas made of chamomile as well as delicious herbal tea mixtures like „Sanfter Morgen“ a pleasant morning drink, „Taufrisch“ a tea with plenty of mint for a freshness boost in the morning and not to forget perfectly balanced fruit teas and spicy-hot teas such as the „ Ingwer Genuss“.

In addition to that at special times we offer special teas like „Frühlingsbrise“a light tea for the spring time or „Kaminzauber“ a tea for the Christmas time. This is a great delight!

Fresh and crisp vegetables may also not be missing. All year around we offer tomatoes, pepper and cucumbers – of course and if possible from Viennese marketgardener.

A basket with Styrian apples is also available at the buffet as well as other types of seasonal fruit like oranges or watermelons.

We pamper you also with two different compotes, strudels and ring cakes, various marmalades with or without sugar, honey, Nutella, spreads, pâtés and spread cheeses.

The juice dispenser provides you with juices made of Spanisch oranges or Styrian apples, multivitamin juice as well as with Grander water (vitalized water). By the way the same water that flows through the water pipes in our hotel.



We hope you enjoy your meal and whish you a wonderful day in Vienna!